My work station at home

This long weekend I had some time to organize and clean my apartment. One of the things I’ve always meant to do is reorganize my desk.  My desk size is 32’x46′, which I consider relatively large. However, most of the time my working area was limited only at the center of the desk, approximately the area of 18’x24′.  I got used to the habit of piling papers and folders on the desk, and basically using the desk as another bookshelf.  For the time seems like forever, I wonder why I have been doing that. It appeared as though the desk feng shui was incorrect and that something was blocked.

Home work station

The newly organized desk definitely looks cleaner and more spacious. It gives out the feeling of contentment and peacefulness. The natural light encourages productivity. I would never have thought this slight change has made such a huge difference in my living area. I can’t help but smile every time I  walk by.


Of course, having Cinnamoroll around makes me smile, too.


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