The first month of 2012

Pattaya Floating Market

They say the good times fly by fast, and so does my January. I could not believe the end of January is already here. Spending most of this month abroad, I found myself become more focused and re-energized. Though traveling intercontinental is somehow tiring, the mental benefit from it is rewarding.

The colorful umbrellas

I definitely missed the food there.

Mangoes on the boat

Now that I am back to my so-called ‘real life’, the thing that continues to worry me the most is the upcoming AAPD exit exam. We essentially will have the board exam in 4 months, but the exit exam is coming in less than 6 weeks.  I had my study planned on each week, yet still it’s hard to follow the schedule given the busy weekly schedule at the clinic.  There are just so many things to be committed to the memory and I guess my neurons are getting aged.  I have to remind myself to study as much as I can 6 weeks from now.

Work station

Of course there are still some things that let me down and make me sad. But I will keep my head up, and keep looking for the positives–the shining stars.  I believe one day I will find them.

Jan 2012

Until next time.

Jan 2012


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