What’s in my (late night) grocery shopping bag?

Late night grocery shopping

The most effective way to cut down any unhealthy snacks is to not put them in the grocery cart at all.  It’s my tried and true story.  After the whole year of doing so, my craving for unhealthy, processed sugary diets has substantially decreased.  Though I was not so much of a fan of any fruits back then, now I tended to have multiple servings of  fruits and veggies per day.  I really do think the food we eat strongly affect our bodies and mild.

I like ironic concept of being able to look younger each year as we age by altering the way we eat.

My recent favorite is the blood oranges. I can’t have enough of them!

On a side note, I can’t believe time flies by so quickly. I know I’ve said this all the time. But it just feels extra fast at the moment.  In merely a few months, I will be a pediatric dentist, and hopefully soon I will be board certified. I’m excited, but I’m more worried about my future plan…what should I do? Where will I be going? I hope I will figure something out soon.



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