As the wind blows

Spring flowers 2012

I love walking on the street during the spring time as the lovely flowers bloom, and the weather is breezy and sunny. Spring is definitely my favorite time of the year. It is amazing how refreshing it feels, especially after being stuck on piles of books for hours.

Spring blooming

Another reason to grab my SLR, the petals were flying as the wind blew, and the scene could not have been prettier. I felt as though I was a hopelessly romantic individual in a K-drama.  Though I have recently been taking photos using iPhone 4s and been enjoying all the photo apps thus far, I do miss the detail and the depth of field an SLR renders. I wish I could take my SLR with me everyday.


I’m only a week away from the board exam, and after that I hope I will have more time to focus on the next step of my life, including careers and traveling. I have a few trips lining up, and I am very much looking forward to them.  Hopefully life will remain as colorful as it has been.

at work

Wish me luck for the board and have a great week!


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