Los Angeles Fall 2012

LA 2012

Los Angeles will always have a special place in my heart. Every time I flew back, it felt like coming back home. It’s always exciting as I longed for the memories I had had in the past several years. It’s a place where I had grown so much, emotionally. Seeing friends and familiar faces was the best thing that happened to my trip this time around.

LA Fall 2012

I was planning to rent a car as I landed at the airport, as we all knew, it’s impossible to get around LA without a car.  But my friend was kind enough to offer to pick me up and drive me around places. I owed it to her kindness–esp in this economy when the gas price was not cheap.  We went to a Thai restaurant and LA arboretum–such a beautiful place to visit in the late Fall.

At the park

The rest of my trip was just as memorable.  Must I say the highlight of it was when I got on a road trip with one of my most favorite persons in the world?  It was the definition of breathless as I was in the car.


Then came the Disneyland and CA adventure park trip. Ah..how I missed Disneyland. I was told by a friend I must visit the new Cars Land, and I did. It was such an immaculate renovation to the CA adventure park. Of course, the line and the wait time were a bit too crazy.

Cars Land

We were hopping back and forth between Disneyland and CA Adventure Park as the evening approached. We got to see both the parade and the World of Colors. The colorful moments were beautifully shot with my Nex 5R. I’m very impressed with the color turnout and the minimal effort on camera settings.

Disney Parade

The World of Colors

Thanksgiving is approaching and I couldn’t help but reflecting about the wonderful people my life, and how much I valued their presence, their friendship, their support, and their kindness.  It is the love and friendship that make the world go round.

Until next time, LA.


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