After the Rain

After the rain

It’s been raining the whole week in San Francisco. The humidity was high, the sky was gloomy and the streets were slippery and wet.  It was just this weekend that the rain started to subside, and the clear and blue sky came into vision.

After the rain

The day the rain stopped also happened to be my birthday. I take that it’s a good sign.  This is the note I wrote on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I really enjoyed playing with the S Note and S Pen, although I don’t like the appearance of many apps on android tablet.

The bday list

Though I tried to keep my bday pretty low key, and I didn’t publish my birth date on FB, I still appreciate those who spent sometime to congratulate me on my birthday.

A year older, a year wiser, they say.  This year is definitely a year I will always remember-for a long, long time.

2012-12-02 22.06.27

(I just noticed the funny looking loop at the strap of my purse!)

Of course one of my favorite gifts has got to be the Cinnamoroll book my sister sent me in the mail!

Cinnamoroll date book 2013


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