Bikram yoga

It’s been two months since I started doing Bikram yoga daily, or twice daily in some days.  I feel the phenomenal results.  It’s a great addition to my daily 60 minute work out at the gym.  Bikram yoga has changed me in so many ways, mentally and physically.  Mentally, I am more calm, more focused, and more determined.  I also slept better at the earlier hours.  Physically, I think I’m more toned, though not necessarily losing any weights.  Of course there is always a lot of water weight loss after the class but that shouldn’t be counted.  I considered myself pretty flexible, but Bikram yoga has improved the joint lubrication even more.  The big plus is that I tend to crave only healthy food after the class.

As far as the last two months, I had finally broken my unhealthy snack habit.  I incorporate fruits into my routine meals–especially berries, clementines, grapes and apples.   My daily diets always contain multicolor vegetables, and I drink many cups of green tea and barley tea per day. No coffee!

I feel good and feel that this is absolutely the way the healthy lifestyle should be. I hope to continue doing Bikram as my time allows. Here comes the 3rd month and counting!

(If you haven’t heard of Bikram yoga, check it out and find the yoga studio close to you here:


What’s in my (late night) grocery shopping bag?

Late night grocery shopping

The most effective way to cut down any unhealthy snacks is to not put them in the grocery cart at all.  It’s my tried and true story.  After the whole year of doing so, my craving for unhealthy, processed sugary diets has substantially decreased.  Though I was not so much of a fan of any fruits back then, now I tended to have multiple servings of  fruits and veggies per day.  I really do think the food we eat strongly affect our bodies and mild.

I like ironic concept of being able to look younger each year as we age by altering the way we eat.

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Barley tea

Barley tea collection

Barley tea is a great alternative to those who are looking for antioxidant-rich, yet caffeine-free, tea. In a recent publication from Japan, 5 anti-oxidative compounds have been identified in barley tea including hydroxyacetophenone, dihydroxychromone, naringenin, iso-americanol A, and quercetin. The latter, quercetin, has also been used as a key ingredient in Korres skin care anti-aging products! Apart from its anti-oxidative property, barley tea is also believed to promote weight loss, reduce cholesterol, and improve cardiovascular and gastrointestinal functions. Read about the benefits of barley (not necessarily the tea) here.

Just like an ordinary Sunday, I was writing a case report in the coffee place, drinking a cup of foamy white mocha. As I was writing, hours passed by, I developed craving for a bowl of noodle. Well I guess it was the J-town effect!  Admittedly, I haven’t had noodles for a while because I have been trying to limit carb intake and the sodium in the noodle soup.  Today though, I tried to find myself an excuse. Once–just once in a month or two, should be all right.

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