End of summer 2012

When it comes to one of those major road blocks in life, a little getaway from the daily chaos is all we need.

June Lake 2012

I’ve never really been watching the sun rise at such a beautiful place…it changed my perception of many, many things that have been bothering me.

Mono Lake 2012

The breathtaking view made me feel out of the world.

June Lake 2012

Walk on…I believe in myself.

Yosemite 2012




Napa Spring 2012

It’s been a while since the board exam was done, and life has been very busy ever since. There have been a lot of talks and discussion for graduation plans, gifts, as well as plans after graduation. As much as I am delighted I am about to be done, the future endeavors do stress me out. Dr K was kind enough to take us for a weekend trip in Napa, CA.  Napa is indeed one of my favorite destinations. There is nothing better than the beautiful scenery, the fresh air and glasses of fine wine–and of course with my favorite people. I am falling in love with California as time goes by. I wish my every day life was like our day in Napa.

Marine Cinnamoroll and I

My SelCa from today using App Papelook. 🙂 My hair is inspired by YoonA in the ongoing Love Rain drama. I am excited I will get to see my favorite kpop singers at the Korean Music Wave at Google tomorrow. Until then…Good night!

Tennis at West LA College

It’s kind of ridiculous that I’d never been to West LA College before, even though it is located on the same front street as where my apt is. Plus, it’s only 1.7 miles away. Now that I’ve found a perfect outdoor activity at the tennis court there each weekend, I could only ask myself where I’d been in the past summers!

Shopping for sports gear has never been so fun. 🙂

(No cans of tennis balls in this pic because Michael, my instructor, took them all. 😦 )