Downtown San Francisco Fall 2012

Downtown SF Fall 2012

Fall and winter are my favorite time of the year. I love Fall fashion and the cool and breezy weather.  I found the overcast sky oddly romantic, and I love driving on the westbound bay bridge on such a day.

Today I had to drop my car off for yet another service recall part replacement, allowing me some free time to browse around SF downtown area where I rarely visit in the morning of a week day like this. I must say I’m loving the city feel–really reminded me of New York City. People watch is undeniably entertaining. I saw some asking for direction, many texting while walking, and others just kept on their fast pace. People in the coffee shop dress more professional and they are different from the crowd by the university.  I wish I had a day off like this often. Oh, and the guy sitting in front of me is cute. He looks like Kang Ma Ru from Mr Nice Guy. 🙂


In the still of the night

The City

Forth of July was one of the rare moments when I went out late in the evening. This year I’ve got a couple of friends helping me setting my SLR, getting ready for some firework shots.

The Bay Bridge at night

I fell in love with the night time photos. The city itself is just gorgeous at night time.

the firework by the bay

It’s almost mid July now and it’s quite scary thinking how fast time flies. This month must be one of the most critical months I’ve had in years with so many things being in transition. I’m not sure if I feel happy or sad. Hopefully everything will turn out right in its time.

The second half of the year

The City by the Bay

It has been almost a month since my graduation. I wonder where all the time has gone. Now I’m feeling really stressed again as I have less than 2 weeks before the grant due date. Maybe I have been relaxing and doing random things a bit too much.

The view of the east bay from Treasure Island

But who can resist going out when the summer weather has been this beautiful?

The bridge

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Around the lake

Lake Merced Summer 2012

Walking around the lake has become my new favorite routine during the weekend.  Unlike the ocean or the beach, the still lake is calm, quiet and less crowded. The scene of the lake makes me feel like I am somewhere far away from the city.  People come out for dog walking, running and biking.  For me it is a nice escape to put my thoughts together as I walk and appreciate the beauty of the lake.

The birds

I have been having quite a bit of free time recently, which is nice, as it allows me to adjust my routine to the healthier, less stressful lifestyle.  I incorporated a variety of vegetable and fruits into my daily diets, and I have started doing bikram yoga all over again.  It’s nice to have sometime relaxing, but I’m also looking forward to getting back to work.

The birds taking off

Maybe I have been having the busy schedule for the past several years, I started to feel bored when I have too much free time. I worked on my proposal at the coffee shop or at home, and it is just not as stimulating as when I was at work.  Oh well, I guess I should take the advantage of having the time right now while I can, and stay hopeful and positive, and productive too.

Lake Merced Summer 2012

( PS: I didn’t bring my camera, so these photos are just the photos from my phone.)

As the wind blows

Spring flowers 2012

I love walking on the street during the spring time as the lovely flowers bloom, and the weather is breezy and sunny. Spring is definitely my favorite time of the year. It is amazing how refreshing it feels, especially after being stuck on piles of books for hours.

Spring blooming

Another reason to grab my SLR, the petals were flying as the wind blew, and the scene could not have been prettier. I felt as though I was a hopelessly romantic individual in a K-drama.  Though I have recently been taking photos using iPhone 4s and been enjoying all the photo apps thus far, I do miss the detail and the depth of field an SLR renders. I wish I could take my SLR with me everyday. Continue reading

Hello Spring!

The Rain

It’s been raining the whole week and we are expecting even more rain to come in the coming week. The weather has been so chilly in NorCal despite the arrival of the actual spring time.

Early Spring

I am in my final chapter of the training and things have been busier than I thought.  I am finally done with exit exam, finishing up 2 manuscripts, writing a grant proposal, and definitely looking forward to the next chapter of my career.   Meanwhile, I still have the board exam coming up in a few weeks! Time management is crucial.   Continue reading