My work station at home

This long weekend I had some time to organize and clean my apartment. One of the things I’ve always meant to do is reorganize my desk.  My desk size is 32’x46′, which I consider relatively large. However, most of the time my working area was limited only at the center of the desk, approximately the area of 18’x24′.  I got used to the habit of piling papers and folders on the desk, and basically using the desk as another bookshelf.  For the time seems like forever, I wonder why I have been doing that. It appeared as though the desk feng shui was incorrect and that something was blocked.

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Coffee at home

After trying different new coffee places, desperately searching for a decent place to study, I finally decided to study at my dining table at home. Ridiculous, right? Why don’t I just study on my desk, you may ask. I guess firstly, I am more distracted on the desk, and my productivity decreases as I get more comfortable at home.  Secondly I was trying to mimic the ambient of the coffee shop, sitting on a hard surfaced dining chair instead of the leather executive-type of chair I have at my desk.  Anyway, admittedly, I’d still prefer having people walking around, but this is my short term solution for now as I continue searching for a perfect coffee shop.

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I was talking to J and H the other day. They were criticizing one of the (DDS, PhD) faculty members in that she didn’t look like a practitioner, but rather a hardcore researcher. As a researcher and a practitioner myself, I wonder how physical appearance gives clue to what you do.

R: what about me? Do you think I look like a researcher?

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Happy 4th!

Hello the first day of my final year in school!

I was reading the horoscope the other day, and I secretly thought it was correct.  I know whatever decision I end up making will turn my life around.

“….If you are now weighing different options, unsure about whether to go forward or stay where you are now, be comforted in knowing you will have time to decide. The eclipses that are now falling in [your sign] will continue to do so every six months until May 2013, and there will be many opportunities to make substantial changes in your life. If you don’t feel ready to make a move now, do nothing. You will know when you need to move…”

Can’t wait for the 4th of July weekend! It has been an extremely exhausting week.


Hello Summer!

The official days of summer start tomorrow, just about time the heat wave is hitting the bay area.

It’s 84 degrees in SF today yet I could still feel the cool breeze of air.  It would have been nice to spend the day outside, but for me  it was just another long day in the OR. Despite having to wake up at 6 am, the nurse told me I looked good for the time that early. I was in fact very tired, but guess the warm morning green tea helped perked me up.  Despite the early schedule, I always enjoyed working in anesthesia dept. I got off in the afternoon and went to buy a few donuts from my favorite donut shop. I couldn’t believe I ate them all in less than 10 min! I guess when I was very hungry, I totally forgot about the calorie count. I definitely need to work it out at the gym tonight.


On the sky

On the sky

Ever since I came back to the bay area, my clinic schedule has been so insanely busy it almost made me hate being in the clinic. The part that wore me down the most was dealing with difficult people from different levels. The tiredness from work just made me long for another vacation, and reminded me of how I loved traveling. I took the above picture while I was on the plane. Though I dislike being on the plane in general, I still enjoyed how my thoughts flowed when I was up 35000 ft above the ground.

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My poster

Looking at the schedule in the meeting next week, my presentation time falls between 8-10 PM. I wonder who will be up for scientific discussion during that time, especially after long travel hours.

R: “I doubt if people will be too sleepy to look at the poster.” “That’s my poster presentation time.”

T: “Oh, you don’t know these people–they are hardcore scientists! They work very hard and can talk science anytime till the midnight. The day goes by like waking up, talking science, lunch, science, break, science, dinner, science, and then even more science.”

R: ..In awe.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. I used to present the work as late as 9 PM last time at the stem cell retreat in Lake Arrowhead. But that was several years back then. One part of me is excited to be seeing ‘these people’, but another part I also feel it’s intimidating. I doubt if I could ever be as hardcore a scientist as they are.

I feel like I just got back from the east coast, and here I am starting to pack again. As much as I love traveling, I’m not really looking forward to the upcoming red-eye flight.