The proposal


For the many places I have been to in my life, I somehow managed to keep vivid memories of people and conversation related to the place, as though I could rewind the video capture of the live event over and over again. Every time I reminisced all the good memories, they made me smile.

Lake Tahoe

It was early July when we had a last-minute road trip to Lake Tahoe, intentionally for his parents.  I still remember how beautiful the Emerald Bay was in the summer time as I visited a couple of years back.   This time around, the beauty of the lake was even more breathtaking. Continue reading


Spring time

Spring time

The time has flown by as I always feel when there are so many things going on in life. Next thing I know, we are already approaching the end of the first half of the year.  Spring time is when the flowers start blooming. Their colors are just as colorful as my life as it has been.

ImageThis year has set me so many missions I have yet to complete.  Thankfully for the many supports I’ve had to keep me sane, I am staying as optimistic as I take it one step at a time. Continue reading


Napa Spring 2012

It’s been a while since the board exam was done, and life has been very busy ever since. There have been a lot of talks and discussion for graduation plans, gifts, as well as plans after graduation. As much as I am delighted I am about to be done, the future endeavors do stress me out. Dr K was kind enough to take us for a weekend trip in Napa, CA.  Napa is indeed one of my favorite destinations. There is nothing better than the beautiful scenery, the fresh air and glasses of fine wine–and of course with my favorite people. I am falling in love with California as time goes by. I wish my every day life was like our day in Napa.

Marine Cinnamoroll and I

My SelCa from today using App Papelook. 🙂 My hair is inspired by YoonA in the ongoing Love Rain drama. I am excited I will get to see my favorite kpop singers at the Korean Music Wave at Google tomorrow. Until then…Good night!

As the wind blows

Spring flowers 2012

I love walking on the street during the spring time as the lovely flowers bloom, and the weather is breezy and sunny. Spring is definitely my favorite time of the year. It is amazing how refreshing it feels, especially after being stuck on piles of books for hours.

Spring blooming

Another reason to grab my SLR, the petals were flying as the wind blew, and the scene could not have been prettier. I felt as though I was a hopelessly romantic individual in a K-drama.  Though I have recently been taking photos using iPhone 4s and been enjoying all the photo apps thus far, I do miss the detail and the depth of field an SLR renders. I wish I could take my SLR with me everyday. Continue reading

The first month of 2012

Pattaya Floating Market

They say the good times fly by fast, and so does my January. I could not believe the end of January is already here. Spending most of this month abroad, I found myself become more focused and re-energized. Though traveling intercontinental is somehow tiring, the mental benefit from it is rewarding.

The colorful umbrellas

I definitely missed the food there.

Mangoes on the boat

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Weekend photos

The weekend has never been so exhausting. I made a trip to the part of San Francisco where I’d never thought I’d ever stepped there by myself.  Unlike the foggy neighborhood of mine, the part of the city was surprisingly sunny, to the point that it was so hot I wished I had brought the hat.  As unexpected as it was, many of us ended up being sun burnt. We were practically standing under the sun for several hours and that left us so exhausted at the end of the day. It was a rewardingly experience nonetheless.

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